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Memphis Fire Department partners with Stryker
Memphis Fire Department partners with Stryker
Posted on 10/07/2019
By Leah Kraus, Digital Content Coordinator

Memphis Fire Department has partnered with medical technology company Stryker to improve working conditions for firefighters and paramedics. Stryker’s innovative products allow emergency responders to do their jobs more easily with less wear and tear on their bodies.  Manager Rick Keith of the Office of Emergency Management and Division Chief Angie Sullivan of Emergency Medical Services shared their thoughts on the partnership.

Chief Sullivan: We were in need of cardiac monitors and that led us on the pursuit of trying to find a good product for the City of Memphis that would meet our needs.

Manager Keith: We were able to look at a couple different companies that have monitors so we were able to determine pretty quickly which direction to go. When Stryker came in, I looked at what other things we needed in the organization to help personnel reduce injuries and increase our service to the community. Stryker has all the things we would need as far as purchases to make those things happen. 

Chief Sullivan: When you look at how many runs we make a day, how many times the ambulances are dispatched on a run, then you multiply that by either sliding a patient to a bed or sitting position and then you have two people that have to put the stretcher on the floor, physically move that patient, and then pick that stretcher up, roll it out, pick that stretcher up and put it in the back of an ambulance. So we’ve taken most of that movement out of the equation. We have a tremendous amount of back and shoulder injuries because of that. 

Manager Keith: At the end of 25 years, I’ve had back surgery, both my shoulders need to be replaced, there’s a lot of things that I need to have fixed and most people at the end of their careers are like that. But if we can take the bulk of our runs, if we can take some of that lifting away from them, not only make sure they get to the end of their career, but when they’re done with their career, they have a decent life afterwards. 

Chief Sullivan: It started with a need. We want to serve the citizens of Memphis the best way we can, but we also want to take care of our people. That means a lot to the director, and it means a lot to us. 

Manager Keith: It’s a big shift. It’s a big deal. We’re saving lives a lot quicker. 

To learn more about Stryker click here

Watch the video below to learn more about the partnership.

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