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MAS Announces Temporary Field Operations & Intake Policy Changes

In an abundance of caution, and based on recommendations from the National Animal Care & Control Association (NACA), Memphis AnimalServices is enacting revised intake policies to comply with the social distancing guidelines issued by the CDC. Additionally, these temporary policy revisions are a response to a significant decrease in adoptions, reclaims and rescue transfers, which has resulted in a capacity crisis at our facility. We simply do not have enough kennels as the number of animals coming in is greatly exceeding the number of animals going out.

Until further notice:
• Memphis Animal Services Officers will only impound animals that pose an immediate threat to public safety or that need immediate medical care.
• Memphis Animal Services Intake Desk (at the shelter) will only accept emergency intakes. All owner surrender appointments have been pushed back as well.

Additionally, we are seeking as many fosters as possible to care for pets in their homes until normal operations can be resumed. Should we be forced to reduce our workforce levels, having fewer pets requiring care in our facility will be imperative. If you can foster a pet now, please come into our facility during our adoption hours, or fill out this form to be on call for any emergency foster needs that may arise.

News Release


 Petco Matching Donations  

Petco Foundation to Match All Donations Up to $15,000 to Memphis Animal Services Through June 30

Through June 30, all donations to Memphis Animal Services will be matched up to $15,000 by the Petco Foundation to help save twice as many pet lives. The Petco Foundation investment aims to help save more animal lives in Memphis and Shelby County through the COVID-19 crisis. [See more]

 Fire Finders  

Fire Finders: MAS & Memphis Fire Department Working Together to Get Found Pets Home

Memphis Animal Services and Memphis Fire Department have partnered to offer a new service to citizens with “Fire Finders,” a program funded by a grant from Maddie's Fund. The "Fire Finders" program provides pet microchip scanners for every MFD fire station. [See more]

  Anthony & Bobo  

Anthony & Bobo: Community Comes Together to Reunite Homeless Artist with His Beloved Dog

Anthony is an artist who found himself homeless after some devastating events in his life. He doesn’t have a place to live, and he doesn’t always have food to eat. But he has a best friend, a sweet dog named Bobo. And he always makes sure Bobo has enough to eat.

A couple weeks ago, Anthony woke up to find Bobo was gone. He was distressed and immediately contacted friends to help him look for Bobo. They made signs and put them all over town. They talked to the people who knew Anthony and Bobo. When a dog matching Bobo’s description showed up at MAS yesterday, one of our employees, Emily, recognized Bobo immediately! She called the number on the LOST poster, and Anthony’s friend gave him a ride to the shelter within minutes to see Bobo again.

[Click here to watch their reunion and learn how you can help them.]


Cruelty Memphis Animal Services Completes Cruelty Investigation Training
Memphis Animal Services announced today the completion of the National Animal Cruelty Investigations School - Professional Investigator training by its field operations team. [See more]
Special Shy Cat Looking for Home in #LoveToTheMax Campaign
Follow and share his progress on Facebook & Instagram with the #LoveToTheMax hashtag! Max A308238 is a painfully shy cat who had been a long time MAS resident. [See More] 
Dogs Playing for Life  Mid-South Shelters & Rescues Learn to Save More Lives with Dog Playgroups from Dogs Playing for Life
In December, Memphis Animal Services hosted dog playgroup training by Dogs Playing for Life, a non-profit organization that has trained over 230 shelters to incorporate playgroups for dogs into their daily operations, thanks to a grant from Animal Farm Foundation. [See more]
7000th adoption MAS Surpasses Goal of 7,000 New Beginnings in 2018, Ends 2018 with 88% Save Rate
Memphis Animal Services today announced that in 2018 they reached an historic milestone of processing more than 7,000 adoptions and rescue transfers in one year, ending the year at an all-time high 88 percent save rate. 
[See more]
Heartworm treatment Memphis Animal Services Now Includes Heartworm Treatment in Adoption Fee: Grants, including $61,500 from PetSmart Charities, to fund program
Memphis Animal Services recently announced that for the first time in the shelter’s history, they will be including heartworm treatment in their adoption fee for dogs who test positive for heartworms. The shelter says that about half of the adult dogs coming into MAS test positive for heartworms, which is fatal to dogs if not treated. Heartworms are spread by mosquitoes, making dogs in the South particularly likely to become infected. Heartworm disease can be prevented by taking regular medication as directed by a veterinarian, but once a dog is infected, treatment can be very expensive. [See more]
Ovation Awards Memphis Animal Services Recognized with Team Excellence Award at City of Memphis Ovation Awards
A MESSAGE FROM OUR DIRECTOR: "Our team at Memphis Animal Services does a very difficult job every day with grace. The exceptional group I have the privilege of working with gives their whole selves to the 8,500 animals that come into the city shelter each year. They bond with each new animal they come into contact with. They rejoice when their animal friends find new homes. They grieve when their favorites don’t make it. And they wake up every day ready to do it all over again, with open hearts and open arms." [See more] 
Firefighter Foster MAS Partners with Memphis Fire Department for #FirefighterFosters
In October, MAS and MFD got together with the pilot of the brand new Firefighter Foster program, which we believe is the first of its kind. Fire Station 20 is the first station to foster a shelter dog, Juice (pictured), until he's ready to go on a transport to a no-kill shelter in another state. We're excited to expand the program to have more fire stations foster shelter dogs! [See more]
Petco Foundation
Petco Foundation Invests in Lifesaving Work of Memphis Animal Services
Memphis Animal Services announced it has been awarded a $60,000 grant from the Petco Foundation to support its efforts to find homes for heartworm-positive dogs. [See more]

Lucky with MSCV MAS Shelter Dog in Training to be Service Dog for Veterans
Midsouth Canines for Veterans chose Donnelson for the newest addition to their program which trains service dogs for veterans who've been diagnosed with PTSD. [See more]
New adoption fees MAS Announces New Adoption Fees Thanks to Rachael Ray Save Them All Grant from Best Friends Animal Society
Memphis Animal Services has received a Rachael Ray Save Them All grant from Best Friends Animal Society in the amount of $30,000 to reduce adoption fees for large dogs. Thanks to this grant, adoption fees for dogs over 30 lbs. will be indefinitely reduced from $75 to $40, effective October 1. MAS also announced several other updates to their adoption fees:
• $40: All dogs over 30 lbs, all adult cats
• $20: All pets on the urgent list
• $80: All dogs under 30 lbs, puppies under 5 months old, and kittens under 5 months old [See more]
Big Mac Big Mac's #FosterFieldTrip
One of our wonderful foster families offered to take Big Mac on a field trip to ease his shelter stress. Big Mac went to Shelby Farms, has a spa day at Hollywood Feed, then ended his trip on the Swanky's Taco Shop patio! His field trip foster family says he was an angel! You can see a video of Big Mac here: [See more]
Expanded Adoption Hours MAS Announces New Hours
Effective August 4th, MAS hours are now 12-4 every day, with extended hours until 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Stray Surrender hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 12-4pm.
Best Friends Conference 2018 MAS Attends Best Friend Conference 
MAS was also recognized with four other shelters across the country making huge strides toward saving all healthy, treatable, and adoptable pets. [See More]
Deluca Foster Field Trip Deluca's #FosterFieldTrip 
Deluca #A305545 had been at the shelter for nearly a month. We were so excited when one of our foster families took him on a field trip! First, Deluca went to Shelby Farms on a nice stroll around the lake! Then he got to go to Hollywood Feed where he had the ultimate spa experience!

ALSAC Cares ALSAC Cares Volunteers spent their morning helping out at MAS
From laundry to building carriers, they helped out with various everyday task that keep us running! They also learned about the various ongoing volunteer opportunities we have available, got a tour of the shelter, and got some snuggles in with the adoptable dogs! 
Mr. Darcy in the new play yard MAS Separates Play Yard! 
Thanks to donated funds MAS was to separates the big grassy play yard into 6 sections! Previously, we could only have three dogs outside in yards at once, which made it really tough on busy days for adopters to meet dogs. Now, with our 6 grassy yards, 2 dog runs, and 1 cement square yard, we can have NINE DOGS outside at once! [See More]
Two Kittens MAS Offers a Kitten 2 for 1 Special! 
MAS started their Kitten 2 for 1 special this June. Any kittens, up to 6 months old, were only $30! 

2019 Tiger Takeover Second Annual Tiger Takeover! 
For the second year in a row select members of the University of Memphis football team, lead by offensive line coach and run game coordinator, Ryan Silverfield, took over as adoption counselors at MAS on Saturday, June 23. The team helped 20 dogs and cats find their forever homes! [See More]
SASPS $30 Pet Adoptions for Entire Summer! 
MAS offers $30 pet adoptions for all animals from June 1st until August 31st, as a part of Save A Shelter Pet Summer! 
Kitten Palooza It's a Kitten Bonanza!
It's kitten season at MAS and we were up to our noses in kittens in need of fosters. We sent out plea after plea for some help, and the community did not disappoint! Over 80 kittens (and a few adults), went out to foster homes! Some were even adopted!
Human Walking May 2018 Human Walking with Baker and Donelson
This week MAS was thrilled to partner with Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowits, PC downtown for one of out Human Walking events. Our helpful shelter dogs went downtown to Court Square to rescue these office workers from their desks and take them for an afternoon walk. [See More]
Mutts in May Promo $25 Dog Adoptions
MAS offers $25 dog adoptions throughout the month of May

Library adoption Memphis Library Animal Adoptathon 
MAS teams up with the Memphis Public Libraries for an Animal Adoptathon.
April promo $30 Pet Adoptions
MAS offers $30 pet adoptions for the month of April.
News MAS Sees 182% Increase in Adoptions From June & July Adoption Promotions
Memphis Animal Services today announced that their month-to-date save rate is 91 percent and asked for the community’s support to help them maintain that percentage for the rest of the month. [See more]
News MAS Sees 182% Increase in Adoptions From June & July Adoption Promotions
Thanks to a partnership with Best Friends Animal Society, Memphis Animal Services offered $10 cat adoptions from June 1-30 and $17.76 pet adoptions from June 25-July 3. Local media really helped get the word out, and Wizard’s donated an ad in the Memphis Flyer, and adopters showed up in droves! There were a total of 265 publicly adopted pets who got new homes under the two adoption promotions, compared to 94 during the same period last year, resulting in a 182% year-over-year increase in adoptions during that period.
News MAS Hosts Tiger Takeover
Memphis Animal Services had some special help one Saturday in June: 14 Memphis Tiger football players and their coach, Ryan Silverfield! The players "took over" as adoption counselors for the day, and helped make 24 matches in the two hours they were there!
[See more]
News $10 Cat Adoptions
MAS Offers $10 Cat Adoptions Through End of June.
[See more]
News Neonatal Kitten Nursery Apprenticeship
MAS’s Dani Rutherford Awarded Maddie’s® Neonatal Kitten Nursery Apprenticeship at Austin Pets Alive!
[See more]
News MAS Takes 20+ Cats from Same Owner
Memphis Animal Services today announced that they have taken in 20 cats from a home in midtown, where the owner was evicted and asked MAS to help find his cats good homes.
[See more]
News Heartworm Head Start
MAS Offers Heartworm Head Start in May
[See more]
News M.A.S. Safety Net Program
Memphis Animal Services Announces MAS Safety Net Program
[See more]
News Essential Oils with Pets
Memphis Animal Services Hosts Essential Oils with Pets Class
[See more] 

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MAS in 'crisis' mode after rescuing 40 dogs
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Memphis Animal Services needs foster homes & adopters after 40 dogs found in “horrific” conditions
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Woman charged after MAS, MPD rescue nearly 40 dogs from animal hoarding situation
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Memphis Animal Services asks for help after they receive 40 dogs due to animal cruelty case
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Memphis Animal Services plans to humanely take on stray animal issue
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$19 dog adoptions during Class of ’19 promotion at Memphis Animal Services
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Two dogs rescued from midtown Memphis roof need “fur-ever” homes
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“Please, sir, I want some more”
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5 Great Things: MAS offering adoption special, Dyersburg man wins big
the dodo | April 19, 2019
Shelter Dog Refuses To Be Adopted Without His Food Bowl
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MAS Offering ‘Game of Homes’ adoption special
Local Memphis | April 11, 2019
Play the “Game of Homes” at Memphis Animal Services, get $15 adoptions
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Memphis Animal Services And Local Brewering Company Hosts Tails & Ales Event
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Feline leukemia found in some cats rescued from Cordova animal abuse case
The Herald News | April 1, 2019
Poisoned puppies from Memphis need new homes in SouthCoast
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Woman Faces Animal Cruelty Charges After Dozens Of Cats Rescued From Cordova Home
News Channel 3 | March 29, 2019
Woman charged after dozens of cats found in Cordova home
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26 animals, including dead cat, found in 'deplorable conditions' inside Cordova home
WMC Action News 5 | March 29, 2019

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Mid-Southerners Participate In 901 Popper Throwdown
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The cutest unboxing video on the internet features kittens
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Dog Life Savings Time': Memphis Animal Services offers reduced adoption fee
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Animal Behavior Hotline To Be Set Up By Memphis Animal Services
Local Memphis | February 14, 2019
Help A Furry Friend With Memphis Animal Services’ Valentine’s Sleepover
News Channel 3 | February 6, 2019
Local organization works to help abused and neglected pets in Memphis
Channel News 3 | February 6, 2019
Local organization works to help abused and neglected pets in Memphis
Local Memphis | January 30, 2019
Want To Know What Your Dog Is Thinking? Check Out Its Body Language
WMC Action News 5 | January 4, 2019
5 Great Things: Free meals for homeless, local schools nationally recognized
Memphis Flyer | January 2, 2019
Memphis Animal Services Hits Record Save Rate in 2018
WMC Action News 5 | January 2, 2019
Memphis Animal Services reaches goal of 7,000 animals finding new homes in 2018
News Channel 3 | January 1, 2019
Memphis animal shelter reports record-high pet adoptions in 2018
Fox 13 | January 1, 2019
Memphis animal shelter surpasses goal of 7,000 rescues, adoptions for 2018
Local Memphis | December 14, 2018
MAS Investigating Possible Case of Animal Neglect And Cruelty In Raleigh
Local Memphis | December 13, 2018
Memphis Animal Services In Desperate Need Of New Homes For Animals
Local Memphis | December 12, 2018
Memphis Animal Services Offering $18 Adoptions For Rest Of 2018
The Daily Memphian | December 02, 2018
After two years, it only took a can of cat food to catch wily chow
The Commercial Appeal | November 20, 2018
Shelter dogs find home and offer comfort at Memphis Jewish Home and Rehab
Daily Memphian | October 12, 2018
Memphis firehouses start pilot foster dog program
Local Memphis | October 11, 2018
Memphis Firefighters Team Up with Memphis Animal Services to Foster a Dog
FOX-13 Memphis | October 11, 2018
Memphis fire stations fostering dogs in need of homes
WREG News Channel 3 | October 11, 2018
Memphis fire station fosters dog from MAS
WMC Action News 5 |
October 11, 2018
Foster program brings shelter dogs to fire stations
Local Memphis | October 8, 2018
MAS Needs Help, Intakes Up 24%
WREG News Channel 3 | October 8, 2018
MAS is seeking help after 319 animals admitted in 10 days
WMC Action News 5 | October 8, 2018
Memphis Animal Services faces large increase in adoptable animals
Memphis Flyer | October 8, 2018
Memphis Animal Services Sees Unexpected Spike in Animal Intake
Local Memphis | September 18, 2018
Memphis Animal Services Now Offers Treatment for Heartworm
WMC Action News 5 | September 18, 2018
Memphis Animal Services now offers heartworm treatment
Memphis Flyer
 | July 26, 2018
Who's a Good Dog? A Special Issue about our Canine Companions.

Action News 5
 | July 26, 2018
MAS honored after seeing 40 percent increase in animal lives saved
Action News 5
 | July 25, 2018
Animal shelter save rate increases 62 percent in 5 years
Local Memphis Live
 | July 11, 2018
WEB EXTRA: See A Pet In A Hot Car? Here's What You Can Legally Do
Action News 5
 | July 6, 2018
Family adopts second service dog from Memphis Animal Services
Action News 5 | July 5, 2018
Memphis Animal Service offers adoption special
WREG News Channel 3
 | July 4, 2018
Memphis animal shelter full, more animals expected after the Fourth
Commercial Appeal
 | June 23, 2018
University of Memphis football partners with Memphis Animal Services to find homes for pets
FOX 13
 | April 26, 2018
MAS to undergo kennel improvement project
Action News 5 | April 11, 2018
MAS offering $30 pet adoptions for the month of April 
Local Memphis Live
 | February 27, 2018
Memphis Animal Services Encourages Spaying/Neutering For World Spay Day

WREG News Channel 3 | February 23, 2018
MAS takes in stray dogs causing fear in North Memphis neighborhood
Local Memphis Live | February 8, 2018
Memphis Animal Services Offering $25 Adoptions Amid Large Intake Of Dogs
WREG News Channel 3
 | February 8, 2018
MAS issues call to action ahead of 20-dog intake
WREG News Channel 3 | February 6, 2018
Petey the pig, social media star, adopted from Memphis animal shelter
Local Memphis Live | January 26, 2018
Memphis Animal Services In Dire Need Of People To Adopt Dogs
Choose 901 | January 14, 2018
Helping Hands + Helping Paws Volunteer Support Fair 
FOX 13 | January 2, 2018
Animals in serious danger due to frigid temps
WREG News Channel 3 | December 22, 2017
Dog becomes 6,000th pet saved at Memphis animal shelter this year
Local Memphis Live | December 15, 2017
Downtown Workers Take A Dog For A Walk In Court Square 
Action News 5 | December 12, 2017
Shelter offers $17 adoptions
WREG News Chanel 3 | November 22, 2017
MAS extends adoption promotion as shelter fills up 
Memphis Flyer | November 3, 2017
Memphis Animal Shelter Sees All-Time High Save Rate in October
Local Memphis Live | October 25, 2017

Memphis Animal Services Save Rate Up More Than 90%
WREG News Chanel 3
 | October 24, 2017
MAS could reach 90 percent save rate for October

Choose 901 | October 19, 2017

Get Outside + Adopt A New Furry Friend With Human Walking Program In Downtown Memphis
Action News 5 | October 7, 2017

Single rescue pushes Memphis Animal Shelter to capacity

Commercial Appeal | October 7, 2017
Memphis shelter seeking homes for 24 dogs 
FOX 13 | October 4, 2017

FOX13 takes a closer look at dog-fighting and animal abuse in Memphis 
Action News 5 | October 4, 2017
Law enforcement officers trained to deal with animal cruelty 
Local Memphis Live
 | September 8, 2017
Memphis Animal Services: $25 Adoptions For Dogs Weighing More Than 25 Pounds Through Sept. 25 
WREG News Chanel 3 | September 8, 2017
MAS urges dog owners to get parvo vaccine for their pet 
WREG News Chanel 3 | August 11, 2017
MAS Influx: 165 animals brought in since Monday 
Action News 5 | August 4, 2017
Nino the dog survives three months of neglect, available for adoption 
Action News 5 | August 3, 2017
MAS lowers adoption fee in August 
Action News 5 | July 4, 2017
Protect Your Pet During Firework Shows 
Local Memphis 24 | July 4, 2017
Local Memphis Live Pick a Pet: Lilith (A296909) 
Local Memphis 24 | July 4, 2017
Local Memphis Live Pick a Pet: Sinbad (A297006) 
Local Memphis 24 | July 4, 2017
Live@9 Furry Friend: Ella (A296917) 
WREG News Channel 3 | July 3, 2017
Adopt a Dog or Cat for $17.76 at Memphis Animal Services


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    MAS Announces New Adoption Fees Thanks to Rachael Ray Save Them All Grant from Best Friends Animal Society
    Memphis Animal Services has received a Rachael Ray Save Them All grant from Best Friends Animal Society in the amount of
    MAS Announces New Adoption Fees Thanks to Rachael Ray Save Them All Grant from Best Friends Animal Society
    Memphis Animal Services has received a Rachael Ray Save Them All grant from Best Friends Animal Society in the amount of
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